Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Ten Spot: Daniel Jacobs

Tell us about your most recent release.

Pulitzer Prize winner Roger Charlin prepared for intense worldwide attention following publication of his next explosive exposé. It never crossed his mind that, instead, a seductive Israeli agent would lead him on a twisted roller coaster ride through the citadels of world power, energy resources, and truth.

What secret energy project is underway on Princeton’s campus? How much does he know about the woman he’s falling in love with? The drums of war in the Middle East reach a feverish pitch, and Charlin—once just a reporter of history—is now in a frantic race against time to shape it.

Daniel Jacobs’ The Eyes of Abel is a factually inspired, powerful, and prophetically captivating thriller about passion, the media, geopolitics, and international intrigue. Beyond the gripping pages, it challenges our understanding of the borders between fact, fiction, and the news.

What about the titles of your novels?  

The title hints at one of the first moral inequities in the Old Testament. Abel was killed by his brother, Cain, not because Cain would benefit in any way whatsoever, but merely out of jealousy and anger. How much of that same impracticality drives the Middle East today? Perhaps if Abel had survived…..

Are there any occupational hazards to being a novelist?  

Sure, especially if it’s political novels. Already gotten some hate mail.

What do you want to be when you grow up?  


Do you believe in a deity? 

I believe that we have no idea how it all works!!

What are the most important attributes to remaining sane as a writer?  

Not taking yourself too seriously.

What is the single most powerful challenge when it comes to writing novel?  

Trying to see it as the reader rather than the writer.

Will you take a shot if the chance of failure and success is 50-50?  

I would place the odds of success of a novel at 1 to 1000, so I guess the answer is yes. I’ll take 50:50 any time!!

Which one would you prefer, having a luxurious trip alone or having a picnic with people you love?  

Picnic with people I love; hands down. Don’t even care if the potato salad has gone bad.

Daniel Jacobs was deeply troubled in June of 2010 as he traveled with a group of friends through the concentration camp ruins of World War II. Although the mantra of the trip was “Never Again,” he observed that too many signs pointed in the opposite direction. At the very same time as he visited Auschwitz and Treblinka, the world was erupting in anti-Israel furor following the Israeli interception of a Gaza bound ship that turned woefully violent.  

Jacobs understood that another fact-teller book would serve no purpose. Those echo chambers were already lined with cobwebs. What the debate needed was a new language, a new lens on the Middle East filled with emotion and entertainment that people could engage. He believed that if we could see the Middle East without the myriad distorting filters, we might actually achieve a breakthrough in the peace efforts.
Jacobs knows the topic in The Eyes of Abel up close and personal. He served as a medical officer in an elite Israeli Air Force extraction unit and worked as a surgeon in Israel’s largest hospital.  

Jacobs earned his medical doctorate with honors at The Case Western Reserve School of Medicine and completed residencies in General Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Southern California. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree with highest honors from the University of California at Davis. Today, Jacobs is a surgeon in California where he grew up.

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